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      2. Barium sulfate precipitated

        Barium sulfate precipitated Barium Sulfate Precipitated (with images to be determined)English Name: Barium Sulfate PrecipitatedMolecular Formula: BaSO4Molecular Weight: 233.39 (subject to the Table

        Barium sulfate precipitated


        Barium Sulfate Precipitated (with images to be determined)

        English Name: Barium Sulfate Precipitated

        Molecular Formula: BaSO4

        Molecular Weight: 233.39 (subject to the Table of Standard Atomic Weights of the Elements 1979)

        CAS No.: 7727-43-7

        H.S. Code: 2833270000

        Product Introduction

        Precipitated barium sulfate is an amorphous white powder, slightly soluble in water and insoluble in acid. The solubility in water is only 0.0024g/100g water. It is soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid. Gucheng-branded precipitated barium sulfate has the advantages of strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, moderate hardness, high specific gravity, good whiteness, etc.

        Technical Index


        (The fineness can be customized)

        Application Fields

        Gucheng-branded precipitated barium sulfate is widely used in various industries such as coating, plastics, rubber, paint, ink, insulating tape, ceramics, battery, enamel, etc. The details are as follows:

        (1) It can be used for acid-resistant rubber products and general products, and can also be used as surface coating agent, sizing agent, weighting agent, etc.

        (2) It can be used as white filler or filler for rubber and paper manufacturing, which can increase the weight and smoothness.

        (3) It is used as filler, brightener and weighting agent in rubber, plastics, papermaking, paint, ink and coating industries, etc.

        (4) It is used as clarifier in glass products, for defoaming and gloss.

        (5) It can be used as a protective wall material for preventing radiation.

        Storage Method: It shall be stored in a dry warehouse. As white pigment, it shall not be stored or transported together with colored articles to prevent dyeing. It shall be handled with care during loading and unloading to prevent damaged packaging.